Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

It is a very gentle way to solve emotional, psychological or even physical suffering. The client lies down and allows his problem, his suffering and the soul to be sung into healing. This is a shamanic healing technique. To exercise this healing practice, one need not be musically trained, but lovingly allow an open heart. The facilitator’s voice encourages the healing. There are no false notes, they often reflect only the tension to be resolved. Images can arise that are not understood at first, but after some time, their meaning is clear.
Wie funktioniert Sound-Healing?

How does Sound Healing work?

Simply said, one could describe the process as such:
The facilitator connects with the love of the heart and the spirit guide; identifies the physical, emotional or mental infirmity; and sings for the client, until the cells begin to resonate in relief and happiness.
The more severe the disease all the participants in the workshop are invited to sing together for the client.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is designed for people engaged in their own healing and creativity. Beginners are very much invited because they are not “warped” but are still closer to the origin of innocence.


Sessions are altime available, a next workshop starts at march 19th in Aeon, Basel.

Confirmation of a client:

As a child, while playing in the forest, I was attacked by a swarm of wasps. Of course they just wanted to protect their nest. I was playing with a boy, trying to catch him. He ran into a the wasp nest and the wasps attacked me. This was a terrible experience, with over 50 wasp stings I almost lost my life. For years I had a fear of wasps. Every time a wasp came near me, I had goose bumps and my hair stood on end. I could never stop this physical reaction.

In 2009, I attended a spiritual conference and as a client I was allowed to have a Sound Healing session. A lady “sang” for me and clear pictures of this wasp experience arose in my mind. I could see all the details of the experience and also felt the panic rise up in me again. It was clear to me that I am in a sound healing treatment and am protected. I’m lying on a couch and a woman is singing to me. After the session we discussed my pictures and memories. We were both very surprised.
Months later, I noticed at a dinner in the garden that I was no longer afraid of wasps. My body does not now react if a wasp approaches me.