Money and Wealth Workshop

The worth of money – wealth seminar

For the first time in Australia, Dina Thuering van Ryn will conduct her famously effective and fun money seminar. It’s for people who are interested in finding out how money comes (and goes) and for people who don’t want to carry the burden of money anymore!
If you:

- … are struggling with finances and always have too little
- … have difficulties to attract and grow money
- … if you have an unhealthy relationship with money
- … believe you are a slave of work or money
- … if you only work because of money (instead of pure pleasure)

This seminar is for definitively for you!
You will discover more about yourself and your relationship to money by role play, creatively expressing in both group and partner work. The concept of the seminar is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).


- You will learn about and overcome ‘old patterns’ in relation to money (I am poor, money is dirty, money controls me, etc.)
- You will learn and discover how to attract money
- You will discover your self-worth
- You will happily observe how the numbers of your bank account expand
- You will learn how to comfortably be ‘rich’ rather than ‘poor’

Date: Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th February 2012
Venue: on Phillip Island, to be announced
Costs: $240.00 (for 2 days)
Registration:, 03 5956 9011 or 0421 812 691

We can assist with accommodation if need be. We will provide morning and afternoon tea. Please bring along your lunch for both days.

About Dina:

Dina’s talents are numerous: She’s qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and since 1989, offers seminars and workshops on a number of exciting topics. For many years, Dina has been working with an entity called Laai. She has the ability to integrate the “invisible” to the physical, rational, earthly world in an original and humorous way. Her money seminars are very popular not only in Switzerland, Germany and Holland but also in China!

In daily life we often are caught with the routine of doing. We run after money to give us the so called fulfillment. Often we are stuck in a rush-circle. We don’t find the space for the real fulfillment and our personal needs.
What remains is a shy desire to come home to ourselves, to feel relaxed with ourselves and our environment and to experience peace and freedom in ourselves.