Channeling and Healing / Talk and Workshop

Channeling and Healing / Talks and Workshops

Channeling / Talks

In these talks Dina Thüring van Rijn will discuss her work with Laai and explain how he guides one through life. She will show how all light beings are caringly guiding us. Laai explains how life circumstances are influenced by our inner karmic destinies and how we can influence them in a positive way. Questions from participants are most welcome.
At the end of the talk Laai guides us all through a meditation into the heart.

Channeling and Healing / Workshop

In this workshop Laai guides us into our own inner being and healing potential. He provides specific methods for our own inner healing. We practise methods to revitalise our bodies with buoyant life energy.
The benefits of this work enable us to help other people in difficult situations. Unhelpful patterns can be identified and transcended to promote real health.
We enhance our joy in life and invite our humour and sense of fun to bring longed for life wishes into reality.

Workshop methods include Channeling, Meditation, Dance, Painting, Laughing, Trance and Body exercises.