Vajra / Dorje

What led to the production of the marble double-vajras?


India Tour 2011

The trip leads us spontaneous to Satsangs with Mooji in Thiruvarnamalai, South India.


There we spend the day in Satsang and in the free time we visit the city

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At the roadside I see the various marble carvers.

I like the friendly atmosphere of this man Vajra

and therefore I request him to make a marble vajra. He does this with great devotion and care, and asks me, what the symbol stands for.

Dorje Ganzansicht

An inspiration pops into my mind that Markus probably lives at the “foot of the sacred mountain”. His brother told me this many years ago. By SMS to Switzerland I get Markus` phone number in India. What luck! I can contact him.


Markus takes me to his home and shows me “his kingdom” in India. He also shows me the view to the sacred mountain.

He earns his living with translating the books of Papaji and from the manufacture and sale of solar cookers..

Markus shows me his bees in the temple and I am very impressed with his enthusiasm for them. He explains how to get honey from the hives without hurting the bees.

This business employs physically-disabled people in the honey production.

Markus tells me that many people now want to keep bees this way, but have no money to buy the hives. He himself can not pay it all. It is clear to me that I would like to financially support Markus.

I decide to get 20 vajras manufactured. Of course I choose the most friendly craftsman on the road. But there is not time enough for me to take the finished products with me to Switzerland. Markus takes over the delivery during his next visit to Switzerland.

With the money from the sale of the vajras we now finance the construction of further hives and this is good for the bees and for the indian villagers.